Summer Holiday Club – August 2019

Several summer activity sessions have been run over the school holidays by Gary Fitzjohn and Jacqui West, assisted by volunteer Harry Goldspink. These covered tennis skills and fun games in the sun and were enjoyed by a great bunch of young players.


Junior Club Nights – July 2019

Our junior club night starts Tuesday July 30th and will run for 5 weeks u[ to and including 27th August from 4.30pm to 5.30pm.  It is supervised, free session for our Junior Members with lots of fun games and activities.   All abilities and ages are welcome and parents are invited to join in.

Membership, for children under 14 i snow at the special rate of just £15 and will also entitle you to reduced prices for the new coaching courses in September and any Holiday Activities booked through On2Court.


Tennis Coach – July 2019

Meet our resident coach Gary Fitzjohn. Born in Thorney, Gary loved sport from an early age; he excelled in every sport and became captain in football, cricket and athletics. Besides playing football for Peterborough United youth side, he took part in triathlons, cycling, running, and competed in the British Championships in both roller speed skating and ice speed skating! 
At school he was told he could become a promising tennis player but with all his other sports it wasn’t until his football career was coming to an end that he returned to tennis and golf, his two passions, competing and playing in many teams.
Our four times club singles champion took his coaching exams last year to become a Level 2 Coach, and together with Bruno Maraschin comes under the umbrella of our On2Court coaching team.


 Tennis Coach – July 2019

Meet our new coach Bruno Maraschin. Bruno (who is usually seen with his cap on!) grew up in Yeoville, South Africa, where he first became interested in tennis whilst hitting a ball against a wall in primary school, before having coaching from a early age. By High School he was playing first team tennis.
He was employed in South Africa as a P.E. Teacher and was Head of their tennis programme, involved in coaching, fixtures, ladders, and tournaments.
Bruno moved to the UK 2 years ago, and due to LTA legislations, had to retake his coaching qualifications here in the U.K. and is now a Level 2 Coach.
Both Bruno and Gary Fitzjohn, come under the umbrella of our On2Court coaching team. (See our coaching for more details.